— Salen, Isle of Mull


14 thoughts on “Wrecked

      1. Congrats!!!! Happy news 🙂

        We are good. My Parisian friends just left about 20 minutes ago. They stayed with us for 2 weeks. I didn’t realize how much time I spent watching tv and on the computer till they crashed in our living room. It was nice having them but I’m so tired. Being a city tourist and is tiring.


      2. Parisian you say? did they bring you cheese and a beret? If they didn’t, they are not really French! 😀
        Where did you guys take the visitors? I’ve heard of a place that sells “Cronut”? like a cross between croissant and donut? Would love one of those!


      3. They brought candy.

        The cronut is ok. We aren’t into it. It’s like a croissant and a donut. Vic has gotten them at work so we cheated I guess. We didn’t have to wait on that long line. Someone would send a gift to the traders and they shared it with him. It was ok. I forgot what flavor we liked. Don’t know any tricks to get around that line.

        They brought candy. We tried donuts and bagels. They loved our big American style breakfast. I’ve been on a donut kick since my friends were over. My favorite is Doughnut Plant. They were one of the first gourmet donut places. God, I miss living in Chinatown. I’d roll out of bed, walk to get my donuts, get pickles, get a knish, get some Italian groceries, etc. I can do it now but I don’t get to roll out of bed and do that anymore. I have to head into Manhattan or do it when I visit my family. I have a food walk and it’s very unhealthy but very satisfying.

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      4. I am rather envious of the amount and variety of food available in the US. Tasty food is difficult to come by in the UK, things are rather bland and lack variety.
        We particularly loved Denny’s while we were travelling there, would love to go back and taste EVERYTHING! haha


      5. After traveling to Paris and Buenos Aires, those two places made us learn that growing up in NY has ruined us for other cities. We were so excited to go to those cities but disappointed by the food. My french friends said that the food in NY is cheaper and better quality. If you want a good meal in Paris its going to be very expensive if you want it to taste good. One those two trips I was so hyped for food and it was a big let down. Speaking with other friends that are foreign they keep saying we have so much variety. Damn this country has us spoiled! You’ll love the food in Canada. The seafood was really fresh in Vancouver area and Montreal has really really good food. Crap, Now I want to go back to Montreal to eat. Fell in love with a Polish deli in Victoria and a restaurant in Montreal. The menus are a little different compared to here. Hope we bump into you two. We are planning on going back to Vancouver Island in Sept/Oct. 2017. We plan to go to Montreal in the Summer again too. We’re so in love with Canada. It felt like a friendlier version of the states.


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