Whitby Abbey Sun Star


Rare occasion of a sunny morning in Whitby


7 thoughts on “Whitby Abbey Sun Star

      1. We’re ok. No trips planned till Oct 😦 British Columbia again. We are going to try and see grizzly bears. If we don’t we’ll just go hiking. This time we rented a cabin for 3 nights. We wanted to hang out in nature for a little while longer instead of heading back to the city after the hikes. We can’t wait. We are hiring the same guide again. We love BC is a favorite place. Not quite like Iceland but Iceland is out of this world. Hope we see some bears!

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      2. How long will the guide stay with you? over night as well? We’ve been on brief guided trips but never had anyone staying with us through the trip. I might have misunderstood you though haha.
        We’ve no small trips planned for the time being either, just knuckling down, getting
        some work done and trying not to burn out doing it. What do you guys do for work?


      3. It’s a little weird. The guide will be staying with us. We became friends w her. But then it hit me – she only really met us in person last time. What happens if we were crazy people.

        Vic works in tech support at a big bank. My California cousin was in town looking at graduate schools and we brought her up to see the trading floor. I never think about it but ever since my Parisian friends wanted to see it we always ask now. A good tourist attraction since all the movies makes everyone curious.
        My boss is retired and I haven’t been working since then. Working on side projects. I was a holistic vet tech.

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      4. What if she’s crazy?! Haha, sounds like a unique experience.
        How much holiday can you guys manage for an average year? Here in UK we get around 28 days, but I do get some time off in compensation for long and unsociable hours. But we don’t get to do much with those days as it’s tricky getting time off.
        What’s a holistic vet? Sounds intriguing !

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      5. There’s no law in the states that guarantee paid vacation or maternity leave. Vic is lucky that he gets 20 days paid vacation (really generous by American standards). We think finance is probably more generous in benefits than other companies. We were shocked when we heard our Google and Microsoft friends had less time off since they are considered “good” American companies. Our friends that work for Euro companies have generous vacation and maternity policies. Honestly, we are pretty dreary about our future here. We don’t think we will have Medicare or Social Security when we are older and need to figure out what to do later in life for health care.

        At the holistic vet we did chiropractic, cold laser therapy, homeopathy and traditional vet stuff too. A lot of our more conservative acquaintances and friends never understood it so I would just say – hippie vet. The cold laser is really cool, a lot of chiropractors and physical therapists use it on people. Our arthritic patients did really good. Would help 80% of them significantly. My boss did a combo of traditional and holistic treatments.

        I can’t wait for our hiking trip. Nature melts away my anger but I’m in the city 24/7 except for the occasional day trip or vacation! I have to stop watching the news which would help a lot.We just paid our deposit for our guide. I said to her – I’m so happy you are ok with our plans, you don’t know if we are crazy people. Vic brought up a point. We spent a couple days alone w her in the woods. Fresh air and big trees.


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