Peyto Lake Panorama

Named after the English pioneer, Ebenezer William Peyto, this glacier fed lake in the Canadian Rockies is one of the most spectacular sights in Banff National Park.
The vibrant turquoise of the water is the result of high content of rock flour within the water reflecting sun’s rays.


7 thoughts on “Peyto Lake Panorama

  1. Beautiful! We are headed back to Vancouver Island pretty soon. We can’t wait to see lots of trees and hopefully bears. We booked a grizzly bear tour. It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve traveled so we are feeling very stir crazy. How are you two?

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      1. The blogosphere misses you two. Did you guys move? We’re ok. I was freaking out about Irma hitting Florida because it was hitting my cousins directly but they are all ok. Maybe they don’t have power but the humans and all their animals are ok. Hope we see grizzlies. I have to get in a little boat for 90 min. to see them and I’m nervous.

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      2. We are still where we were, but will be moving in a few months, lots of excitement ahead. The storms and earthquakes have dominated much of the news lately, terrible stuff. Will you be seeing the bears in the boat or getting off and hike to find them?

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      3. Think there’s a viewing platform so there will be some land time. It’s looking like rain for sure, hoping the weather will change. Get so nervous about rain in a little boat.

        We’re really happy to get away from all the news for a little while. All this health care and all that other stuff is getting to us. Today some of my old coworkers got arrested protesting the Graham-Cassidy bill (job from non profit days – the company’s mission is to end the dual crisis of homelessness and AIDS). I’m tickled pink whenever I see my old company’s name/logo in the news. They are big on civil disobedience.

        We are going to meet 1 or 2 bloggers in Seattle. Really cool. Never realized how many people you end up meeting when I first started blogging. This trip will be tiring, we are bouncing around a lot.

        Have fun moving! Happy new beginning!


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