Venetian Courtyard

Taken with Nikkor 35-70mm F3.5 AIS on a D7100



5 thoughts on “Venetian Courtyard

      1. We’re good but I caught a cold right before we set off to Philly for late Halloween festivities. We’re eager for winter since we booked a trip to Banff (you guys mentioned awhile ago and we had to check it out). We’ve never really spent time in the mountains so we are excited. We’ll be doing ice walking, snow tubing and snowshoeing. I better not get sick (I’m always sick). We should probably store food too. Every once in a while we get a bad blizzard and stores are closed. Thanks for the reminder.


      2. What did you guys get up to during Halloween? Any cat themed outfits?
        Ah we’d quite like to go back to Banff during winter, it must be quite a sight! I’ve heard Alberta has already had some snow, should be good!
        How long are you planning to spend there?


      3. We’ll be spending a week there. The view from town looks amazing. The west coast keeps drawing us back.

        Weirdly enough we don’t dress up for Halloween. Maybe one year we should try. The cats got off easy this year. They didn’t get dressed up but you never know when my mood strikes. I’ve been thinking it’s been awhile since I put Chewie in clothes. He tolerates a bow tie and glasses more than clothes.


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