Sandness Cliff

The cliffs near Sandness are some of the most dramatic we’ve seen in Shetland yet.
Ground nesting birds are gone for the time being but their burrows remain. The little puffins will return soon enough!

Taken with Nikkor 20mm F3.5 AI, Nikon D750



2 thoughts on “Sandness Cliff

  1. Pretty! Glad to see you back on WP.

    Vic has been watching videos on Sony mirrorless cameras. I think he may eventually give up the Nikon. We played with the Sony in the store. I thought it would have been a lot lighter but it wasn’t. The lenses are still very heavy.

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    1. Mirrorless has come a long way lately, but the lens design hasn’t changed a whole lot, so the lenses have to cover the flange distance they’d gotten rid of. Battery life is also still a little rubbish. Will stick to Nikon for now, but always on a look out for better equipment!

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